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My Story

Hello! My name is Nate Siems and I am a health and fitness coach. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am the 5th of 12 children and I love to travel around the world with my wife, experiencing other cultures and having adventures. I enjoy training in the gym, reading, journaling, coffee, scuba diving, watching movies, and listening to movie soundtracks. Spending Friday night eating pizza and watching a movie with my wife is one of my absolute favorite things to do. 


For much of my life I felt like an outsider and someone who did not fit in. I lacked self-confidence and did not believe I could accomplish the things I wanted to. As a child with Asthma I used to wonder what it felt like to run and only stop when my muscles were tired instead of stopping because I couldn't breathe due to my asthma. On a backpacking trip in college I remember wishing I could enjoy the experience and beautiful scenery, but I was so exhausted from being out of shape that all I could think about was the pain and discomfort. After college I was working in a high stress environment as a child welfare worker when I had to have knee surgery. During the recovery I was told by my physical therapist that I would never be able to squat below parallel again (which was not true). I experienced a great deal of depression as a result of that experience.


I share these struggles because I want to give you HOPE. I felt so alone during that time, and looking back I realize how valuable it would have been to have a health coach working along side me through those challenges.

Why I'm a Coach

Through fitness I have found myself and now I want to help others do the same. As a coach, I want everyone to feel that they belong and will be supported as they pursue their own goals no matter the personal struggles they may face. Experiencing deep health involves more than spending one hour in the gym. That is why I work to help my clients build the habits, practices, and mindset that improve all twenty-four hours of their day.

I am an Active Life Professional. I provide education, exercise, and mentorship to people who can’t get what they need from the fitness or healthcare industries.

Over the years I have explored multiple career options, but being a professional health and fitness coach is what lights a fire in me. I get to change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. I firmly believe in the positive benefits that fitness and deep health can bring to all areas of our lives. 

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