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Are You Being Honest With Yourself About What You Want?

I love watching movies. From a young age I was very active playing outside, riding my bike, building things, etc. But when Friday night rolled around that meant pizza and a movie with my family, and I looked forward to it every single time. As a kid growing up watching many movies I found myself, like most kids, wanting to be like the heroes and main characters of those movies. I wanted to be strong and look as fit as them. Honestly, that continues to this day.

As I started to workout on my own the goal was to be happier with how I looked. After college I found YouTube videos of people doing CrossFit and they looked like Greek gods, so I decided I wanted to do CrossFit. CrossFit was a great way for me to jump into the world of fitness and I quickly fell in love with working out and decided I wanted fitness to be a major part of my life. The entire time I was doing CrossFit the goal was still to look like a movie hero and Greek god. If you don't know, CrossFit is about doing workouts that involve many different movements at a high intensity. It's very much like a sport. I continued to do CrossFit for many years, but much of that time I was unsatisfied with how my body looked. I was very fit, but that wasn't what got me into working out in the first place.

It took a long time, but I was finally honest with myself about what I want. I want to be proud of how I look. I want to look like some of the heroes from movies. Once I decided to be honest with myself I started to search for the training that would give me what I was looking for. Since that time I have started to dig into the world of bodybuilding and working to improve my aesthetics. I have a ways to go towards reaching my goals, but it feels great to finally be moving in the right direction. Sure, this might sound like a shallow goal but it's one that has brought improvement to other areas of my life. I am more confident, happy, and proud of myself than I have been for much of my life. If that's the result of a "shallow goal" then I don't regret it one bit.

What are you not being honest with yourself about when it comes to your goals? Why are you doing the things you are currently doing? Are you doing something that, if you were honest with yourself, makes you feel like you are going in the right direction but deep down you know you aren't? I have found that sometimes a thing that was helping me towards a goal is now the thing keeping me from continuing to make progress. Just try to be honest with yourself about what you want. Trust me, you will be happier.

“Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”

-Immanuel Kant

Your friend,


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